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Half Of Professional Athletes Have Tooth Decay

Professional athletes are at a greater risk of rotting teeth, despite practising good oral hygiene, a recent report has shown.

University College London (UCL) researchers looked at the teeth of 352 professional athletes from 11 sports.

They found that while 94 per cent of the males and females brushed their teeth two times a day, 49 per cent suffered from untreated tooth decay. It even revealed that almost a third (32 per cent) found their oral health had a detrimental effect on their performance.

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Doctor Stresses Importance Of Early Dental Care

We all know that we lose our milk teeth as we get older and that our adult teeth then come through. But many people make the mistake of thinking that milk teeth aren’t important, and therefore don’t encourage their children to take proper care of them.

Dr Clare Bailey recently wrote an article for the Daily Mail, which stressed the importance of taking good care of your teeth from a young age.

“Milk teeth are important because they hold the space for the permanent teeth to move into, so problems with these can affect the developing permanent teeth,” she explained.

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Orthodontic Treatments Among Adults 'Remains High'

Those of you thinking about seeking orthodontic treatments from your dentist in Guildford might be reassured by the fact that you certainly won’t be the only one out there considering this kind of treatment.

New research from the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) has just revealed that that the number of adults seeking orthodontics in the UK is still high, with 75 per cent of practitioners saying they’re seeing an increase in private adult treatment.

And more than half said they’re putting this down to increased awareness of these kinds of treatments, while over ten per cent said their adult patients are being influenced by bloggers and celebrities when it comes to their teeth.

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Newly Discovered Stem Cells Could 'Patch Up' Cavities

Coming to your local dentist in Guildford isn't always going to be the best moment of your week, especially when you know you have a cavity that needs to be filled, but at least you've put your oral health in the best hands possible.

Filling cavities works by first drilling away decay before filling in the void left behind – a procedure which once you've had yourself you'll know isn't too bad, but is often one of the procedures people most fear at the dentist. Dentin, the hard layer on top of the teeth, is one of the few parts of the body's tissue that does not regenerate naturally. But, in the future, could there be a new way for your dentist to fix your cavities that doesn't involve fillings?

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Queen Victoria’s Children’s Milk Teeth On Display!

Kids absolutely love it when they lose teeth as it means they can put them under the pillow and wait for the Tooth Fairy to swap them for a bit of cash, but it might well be slightly bittersweet for parents as it means their little ones are growing up.

As such, it’s probably no surprise that so many parents decide to keep their children’s milk teeth as mementos of times gone by - and it seems that royalty is certainly no exception in this regard.

A new exhibition at Buckingham Palace is about to open, revealing just how much Queen Victoria loved her offspring, with all sorts of sentimental items going on display - including her children’s baby teeth!

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Dental Emergencies Lead To Time Off Work For 40% Of Employees

A new survey has found that 40 per cent of workers in the UK have been forced to take time off work to have emergency dental work carried out in the past 12 months.

Cover Magazine highlighted the research conducted by SimplyHealth as part of its Consumer Oral Health Survey. The publication also noted that this time off equates to employees losing 7.5 hours of their working time to attend dental appointments.

What’s more, over half (55 per cent) admitted to taking time off work because they needed to get emergency dental treatment for their child. On average, these employees lost 7.1 hours of work as a result.

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More Than Quarter Cancel Dentist Appointments Out Of Fear, Says Study

If you’re a bit nervous about your visit to your dentist in Guildford, there’s no need to be embarrassed, it’s more common than you think. In fact, according to new research reported by, as much as 80 per cent of people in the UK admit that they’re scared of dental appointments.

The research also found that more than a quarter of people had cancelled or delayed an appointment because they were afraid of it, while over a third haven’t been to see a dentist in the last two years. 46 per cent said it was the thought of pain that put them off going, while 34 per cent it was a previous experience at the dentist which worried them. 32 per cent also said the cost of treatments put them off.

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Are Love Island Contestants All Brushing Their Teeth Wrong?

Our parents teach us how to brush our teeth from a young age, drilling into us the importance of healthy teeth and gums. However, while everyone may think they have honed the technique over their lifetime, it seems many of us are actually getting it very wrong.

Indeed, stars of this year’s Love Island show are proving that lots of people make avoidable mistakes when brushing their teeth, leaving some viewers criticising their skills on social media.

Despite being given a new electric toothbrush for the ITV2 programme, several have not been using them properly.

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Do You Use Your Teeth For Tasks Other Than Eating And Drinking?

Our teeth and our mouths are important. We may take them for granted but it’s really important that we look after them.

However, it seems that a lot of us are putting our teeth and oral health at risk by using our mouths for purposes that they’re not intended for. Research by the Oral Health Foundation and Philips as part of National Smile Month found that 65 per cent of us regularly use our teeth for tasks other than eating and drinking.

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Brush Up On Your Oral Health In National Smile Month

May 13 marked the start of National Smile Month, an annual campaign run each year by the Oral Health Foundation. It’s designed to help share messages about how to take care of our mouths and ensure we all have good oral health.

The tips are incredibly simple, and things that many of us probably already know. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of some of the basics, like making sure you always brush your teeth last thing at night and at least once more throughout the day using a fluoride toothpaste.

You should also make sure you visit your dentist in Guildford as often as they recommend. And the final tip is to reduce the amount of sugar your consume.

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Tricks To Get Children To Brush Their Teeth

The number of British children with poor dental hygiene is getting out of control, with figures showing 90 per cent of tooth extractions in youngsters under five are due to tooth decay. Therefore, it is imperative to encourage good oral hygiene at a young age.

However, even with the best intentions and regular check-ups at your dental practice in Guildford, many parents face daily battles with their kids when it comes to teeth brushing.

Here are some ideas to help you get even the most stubborn child to brush their teeth.

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Can Exercise Damage Our Teeth?

Most of us are aware that eating sugary foods and not brushing our teeth twice a day can lead to tooth decay, but even taking part in regular exercise can cause damage to our teeth.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, BeautyHaven revealed high-intensity cardio-based fitness programmes can lead to people suffering from tooth erosion.

This finding comes from a German study that revealed endurance athletes are more likely to have wearing away of enamel than those who do not regularly exercise. This is due to exercise reducing salvia production, as spit contains important minerals that neutralise acid in our mouth. Without enough of this, our teeth are left vulnerable to this acid, resulting in them wearing away and rotting.

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Advice For Avoiding Tooth Decay

We all know that we need to brush our teeth regularly, floss and go to the dentist regularly, but there are a number of other things that we can be doing to take care of our oral health.

A recent article for the Epoch Times offered some advice from dentists about what you can do to better look after your teeth.

One of the top pieces of advice is to make sure you don’t skip brushing your teeth first thing in the morning. This is one of the most important brushes of the day, and failing to do this can mean that any tooth decay can speed up.

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Dental Visits And Flossing ‘Reduce Risk Of Oral Cancer’

We all know that going to see our dentist is important. But somehow it’s one of those things that tends to slip down our to-do lists and before you know it several years can go by and you still won’t have had a professional check up of your teeth and mouth in general.

Live Science recently pointed out that it’s really important to regularly visit your dentist in Guildford, after new research found that going to your dentist at least once a year, as well as regular flossing, reduces your risk of developing oral cancer.

The study followed patients at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center who were diagnosed with oral cancer between 2011 and 2014. The researchers compared their behaviour to that of other patients who visited the university’s ear, nose and throat clinic for other conditions, such as dizziness or an earache.

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90% Of Child Dental Extractions Are Due To Tooth Decay

Recent figures have shown the shocking state of children’s teeth in the UK, revealing that 90 per cent of child tooth extractions are the result of tooth decay.

Public Health England (PHE) released findings that showed there were 59,314 tooth extractions between 2017 and 2018, with 38,385 of these being caused decay. Among children under the age of six years old, 12,783 of 14,545 extractions were due to rotting teeth during this period.

Tooth decay is easily preventable by reducing the amount of sugar consumed and improving oral hygiene. If these steps are taken, children would not have to miss out on a total of 60,000 days of school a year, and could see their eating and sleeping improve.

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It’s Not Too Late To Start Fizz Free February

Although we’re over a week into February, it’s not too late to get involved with a campaign launched at the beginning of the month designed to get people to cut down on the amount of sugary fizzy drinks they’re consuming.

Dentistry reported on the initiative, called Fizz Free February, which was first launched by Southwark Council last year and has now become part of the national Sugar Smart UK campaign.

Speaking to the news provider, Jane Avis, Croydon councillor and cabinet member for families, health and social care, explained that as well as being better for your health and your teeth, cutting back on your fizzy drink intake could save you money.

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How To Be More Eco-Friendly While Brushing Your Teeth!

Last year saw interest in being eco-friendly and protecting the environment reach an all-time high, with a serious crackdown on single-use plastic getting underway… and 2019 will certainly be no different.

There are all sorts of ways you can help to reduce your impact on the planet and if that’s one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019, what about looking at how you brush your teeth and see if there are any improvements you could make that will help us protect our natural resources?

The next time you’re in the bathroom brushing away, whether in the morning or as you’re getting ready for bed, look to see if you’ve left the tap running. They say that water will become the world’s most precious commodity, even above oil, by the year 2030 so doing all you can to look after it and not waste it is a great idea. Wet the head of your brush but turn the water off at the tap while you brush to safeguard our water supplies.

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Elle Macpherson Shows Damage Of Juicing Diet On Teeth

Supermodel Elle Macpherson has made a name for herself over the years for her clean-living, super healthy lifestyle, and one of the main reasons she attributes to staying in shape and looking far younger than her 54 years is her juicing diet.

However, the star recently revealed to her fans on Instagram Stories that blending fruit and vegetables in a healthy shake is having a negative impact on her oral care.

She posted a photo of herself in the dentist chair recently, telling her followers: “Because I juice a lot, my teeth need cleaning more often to get juice stains off.”

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Have You Heard Of Tooth Bonding Before?

With Christmas just a few short days away, no doubt there have been countless of you out there keen to have that Hollywood smile ready for all those festive photographs that abound at this time of year. People do really get flash happy at Christmas and new year so it’s hardly a surprise that we’ve been inundated with calls from those interested in tooth whitening at our Guildford practice over the last few weeks!

There are numerous ways in which you can achieve a beautiful bright white smile, whether you decide to try whitening toothpaste, custom fabricated whitening trays or changing a few lifestyle habits like quitting smoking or drinking less coffee and red wine.

And you might just have come across tooth bonding, a practice similar to veneers but which involves bonding a material like resin over the teeth. Veneers, in contrast, are usually made from porcelain and used to cover the whole surface of the teeth to hide the shape, colour and positioning.

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How To Help Your Child Overcome A Fear Of The Dentist

It’s not uncommon for children to feel nervous or scared when visiting the dentist, especially if it’s their first time going to a dental practice.

However, there are a number of things parents can do to help the experience go smoothly. Writing for the Lancashire Telegraph recently, Dr Karim Rachidi, a dentist at Synergy Dental Clinics, explained that it’s quite normal for children to be nervous about going to the dentist.

He explained that this can stem from a number of factors, including a fear of the unknown and stories or myths they may have heard about the dentist from other children. His top tip is to take your children to the dentist as early as you can.

Regularly visiting the dentist when they’re young can help them become accustomed to the routine of seeing the dentist without any need for treatment. Dr Rachidi suggests taking them for the first time once they’re one, or after their first few teeth have come through.

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Calls For More To Be Done For Children’s Oral Health

The number of tooth extractions being carried out on children under the age of 18 has increased substantially, prompting calls for more to be done to reduce the sugar intake in many young people’s diets.

Figures from the Local Government Association (LGA) revealed that 45,077 extractions of multiple teeth were carried out among under 18s in 2017/18, an 18 per cent increase in the past six years.

The organisation also revealed that these procedures cost the NHS a total of £38.9 million in the past year.

Although the government has announced sugar reduction guidelines in nine food categories, the LGA doesn’t believe this goes far enough. It also wants to see teaspoon measures of sugar printed on packaging, and for the sugar in soft drinks to be cut.

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What Should You Know About Receding Gums?

A new report from the Oral Health Foundation has revealed that rates of mouth cancer in the UK have increased significantly in the past decade.

The charity revealed that 8,300 people are diagnosed with the disease in the UK every year, which represents a 49 per cent increase on ten years ago. However, what’s just as worrying is that the majority of people in the country have little or no understanding of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer.

In fact, 45 per cent of those surveyed said they had no understanding of mouth cancer, while 75 per cent said that they did not know the symptoms.

An even higher percentage (82 per cent) admitted they didn’t know where mouth cancer appeared. This lack of understanding of the condition could mean people are not seeking the advice of their dentists in Guildford early enough.

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What Should You Know About Receding Gums?

If your gums are receding it can be difficult to notice at first. It’s a gradual process, but it’s one that you should try to be aware of because if it’s left untreated it can cause all kinds of issues.

Netdoctor recently offered some advice on how to recognise the condition, and what you can do about it. Of course, if you have any concerns about this or any other aspect of your oral health, you should see your dentist in Guildford as soon as you can.

Aside from seeing your gums recede, there are a few other signs you can look out for. Among the most common are bleeding from your gums when you brush or floss, red or swollen gums, pain around the gum line, sensitivity and bad breath.

If it’s left untreated, it can also lead to loose teeth and eventually tooth loss, the website revealed.

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Fluoridation Of Water ‘Best Way To Reduce Dental Decay’

Brits who want to achieve that pearly white smile might be a step closer to their goal if the government listens to the recommendation of a dental expert.

Professor Michael Lennon from the School of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Sheffield welcomed the green paper on prevention and put forward ideas on how the strategy can progress with regards to dental care.

The professor, who is a spokesman for the British Fluoridation Society, was quoted by as saying the key to oral health prevention is fluoridation of the water supplies.

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Gum Disease And High Blood Pressure Link Highlighted

It’s widely accepted that our oral health can have an impact on other elements of our physical health well beyond our mouths. But now a new study has indicated that gum disease can have a direct impact on how effective treatment for high blood pressure is.

The research conducted by the American Heart Association and published in the journal Hypertension, found that those with healthy gums respond better to blood pressure-lowering medication and often have a lower blood pressure than those with periodontitis.

According to Science Daily, which reported on the findings, those with gum disease are 20 per cent less likely to reach a healthy blood pressure range than those whose gums are in good condition.

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Dental Decay ‘Most Common’ Human Disease

If you ever needed a bit of motivation to book an appointment with a Guildford dentist, brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once daily, it might well be hearing Dr Christine Myers’ assertion that dental decay is in fact the most common human disease of them all.

Dr Myers is the incoming president of the HSE Dental Group and reminded parents that oral care really does need to begin by a child’s first birthday, with regular check-ups until they reach 16. But in Ireland, oral health is still not being viewed as an integral part of general health, she explained.

Speaking at the Irish Dental Association’s annual seminar, Dr Myers said: “By right primary school children should be screened by a Public Health Dentist three times but the reality is that school screenings are observed more in the breach than the observance. This is having a devastating effect on thousands of children around the country.

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Scarlett Moffatt Reveals Veneers Helped Her Smile After Road Accident

Most celebrities who confess to having cosmetic procedures, whether it is Botox or dentist surgery in Guildford, admit they have chosen to change their looks for aesthetic reasons.

However, former Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt decided to fix her teeth after damaging them in a road accident when she was young.

The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! winner admitted she became self-conscious about her smile after falling off her bike as a child, leaving her with black teeth for 15 years. Therefore, she decided to opt for new veneers to give her a pearly white smile.

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Number Of Children With Tooth Decay On The Rise

Children are suffering from poor dental health, after a report revealed an increase in hospital admissions for those with tooth decay for the second year in a row.

According to NHS figures, there were 26,111 youngsters aged between five and nine years old admitted to hospital in 2017/18. This represents a rise from 25,923 the year before, and 25,875 in 2015/16.

Professor Michael Escudier, dean of the faculty of dental surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS), said this data is “disappointing”.

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Pre-op Oral Care Can Be Good For Cancer Patients

Cancer patients who are soon to undergo major surgery could reduce their risk of complications after the procedure by visiting their dentists in Guildford, or wherever they live, a new study has suggested.

Research from Japan found that those patients who made an appointment with a dentist shortly before having their cancer surgery slightly reduced their risk of developing post-surgery pneumonia or of dying within 30 days of having the surgery, Reuters reported.

Lead researcher for the study Miho Ishimaru, of the University of Tokyo, explained why oral health is particularly important for preventing postoperative pneumonia.

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Warning Issued Over DIY Braces

Dentists and orthodontists in the UK have warned people not to embrace the trend for DIY braces. A number of websites offering DIY braces have been criticised by dentists and the British Orthodontic Society (BOS).

In a statement, the BOS said that there are a host of websites offering DIY braces, with patients typically assessed based on a selfie-style photo.

The organisation stressed that this is a dangerous way to approach orthodontic treatment, noting that braces may not be necessary in some cases.

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Warning Issued Over High Street Teeth Whitening

With more and more of us worrying about how our smiles look, there has been a rise in the number of places where you can get teeth whitening carried out.

Although the low price tag of high street teeth whitening might be tempting, Trading Standards issued a warning to consumers this month, urging them to use professionals for this kind of treatment.

The Sun highlighted the problem, noting that one company was recently fined £4,500 by the General Dental Council (GDC) for carrying out illegal whitening.

The GDC also stressed that only a dentist, hygienist or dental technician should carry out teeth whitening procedures. This is because there’s a risk of burned or blistered gums, or teeth becoming sensitive, due to the chemicals being used incorrectly.

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Should You Have A Second Trimester Check-Up?

If you are wondering whether or not to see your Guildford Dentist this pregnancy, then the answer is an emphatic yes.

Increasingly, midwives are suggesting pregnant women make use of the maternity exemption certificates to get a free dental check-up. It is recommended this takes place in the second trimester as this is when any dental problems that may occur during pregnancy may appear and before they may become a problem.

There is a link between poor oral health and pre-term birth so it is essential you make sure you see a dentist during your pregnancy in order to clean up any problems that may be occurring.

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Oral Microbiome Important For Geriatric Health

It is particularly important for elderly patients to see their dentist in Guildford, recent research has revealed.

It had been known for a long time that poor oral health could contribute to the likelihood of certain diseases, but it was not understood why.

Now research into the microbiome has revealed that people with poor oral health are more likely to be exposed to dangerous bacteria that can lead to infections in older people, such as pneumonia.

It seems that the adage many doctors had about ‘clean teeth clean lungs’ is in fact true, according to the latest data from the American Study for Microbiology.

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Processed Starch Found To Increase Dental Cavity Risk

A big part of looking after your teeth is watching what you eat and drink. We all know the importance of not eating too much sugar where good oral health is concerned, but did you know that the kinds of carbohydrates you’re eating could also have an impact on your teeth?

New research from the University of Newcastle has just this month (August 7th) revealed that more processed forms of starch increase the risk of developing cavities, because these starches can be broken down into sugars thanks to the amylase in our saliva.

Published in the Journal of Dental Research, the study looked at rapidly digestible starches like crackers, biscuits, white bread, pretzels and cakes, as well as those that are slowly digestible, including legumes and wholegrains, comparing their relationships with oral cancer, gum disease and dental caries.

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David Hockney Claims Brushing Teeth Helps Him Live Longer

Those who want the secret to a long life should make sure they brush their teeth thoroughly, after David Hockney claimed good oral hygiene has helped him stay healthy in his 80s.

The artist wrote a letter to the Financial Times stating that he has reached 81 years of age due to meticulously looking after his teeth.

“I was told by a doctor many years ago that what was making people live longer was the washing of hands and the cleaning of teeth,” he stated, adding: “I instinctively believed this.”

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A Quick Guide To Bruxism & Stress

If you’ve been feeling a bit more stressed out or anxious than usual, you might want to book an appointment with your Guildford dental practice as it’s possible that you could be damaging your teeth as a result.

Some people with serious symptoms of stress and anxiety can find that their teeth wear down over time because they’re busy clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth – often without even noticing it.

Known as bruxism, teeth grinding is something that can affect anyone at any time. It can happen during periods of intense stress, while you’re concentrating or even while you’re asleep, so it’s certainly worth trying to address why you’re grinding your teeth to help stop you from doing it in the future.

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How To Look After Your Teeth During Pregnancy

All sorts of interesting things happen to your body while pregnant, but you might not think that having a baby could have any kind of impact on your teeth… but it seems that this isn’t actually the case, as Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon has just confirmed.

Writing for the Sun, the star explained that the secret behind her beaming Hollywood smile is in fact veneers and beneath them like “brown pegs” instead of teeth. She explained that at the start of her second pregnancy, she was actually seeing the dentist more than her midwife and had to endure “problem after problem”.

So what can you do to help protect your teeth while pregnant or do you just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best? According to the NHS, some women experience swollen and sore gums that may bleed during pregnancy, with hormonal changes making your gums more vulnerable to plaque.

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3 Dental Apps To Try Today

Who doesn’t want a healthy mouth and a beautiful Hollywood smile? But the nature of the lives we lead these days means that all too often our teeth and gums can take a bit of a battering, whether that’s because we forget to floss, only brush our teeth once a day or because we eat a lot of acidic, sugary food.

But thanks to technology, we can make it easier to ensure we prioritise our oral health – and your Guildford dentist is sure to be happy that you’re doing all you can to keep your teeth in tiptop condition. Here are a few dental apps you might want to try out today.

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