90% Of Child Dental Extractions Are Due To Tooth Decay

Recent figures have shown the shocking state of children’s teeth in the UK, revealing that 90 per cent of child tooth extractions are the result of tooth decay.

Public Health England (PHE) released findings that showed there were 59,314 tooth extractions between 2017 and 2018, with 38,385 of these being caused decay. Among children under the age of six years old, 12,783 of 14,545 extractions were due to rotting teeth during this period.

Tooth decay is easily preventable by reducing the amount of sugar consumed and improving oral hygiene. If these steps are taken, children would not have to miss out on a total of 60,000 days of school a year, and could see their eating and sleeping improve.

Dr Sandra White, dental lead for PHE, said: “Children are consuming far too much sugar each day, and this can have a very serious impact on their oral health.”

She suggested simple food swaps and brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste can make all the difference.

“Small, consistent changes like these can have the biggest impact on children’s teeth,” Dr White stated.

PHE’s Change4Life campaign reminds parents to give their children low- or no-sugar drinks and snacks, including lower-sugar yoghurts or no-added sugar juice drinks.

Other swaps include giving a slice of malt loaf instead of a chocolate bar, fruit kebabs instead of biscuits, plain popcorn instead of cake, and rice cakes or a crumpet instead of sweets.

It also suggested limiting fruit juice and smoothies to just 150ml a day, and only giving them with meals.

Another helpful tip from PHE is to encourage kids to ‘spit not rinse’ when brushing their teeth twice a day. By rinsing their mouths, they could wash away the protective fluoride from the toothpaste, potentially resulting in tooth decay over time.

To make sure your children’s teeth are not at risk of tooth decay, book an appointment to see a dentist in Guildford today.