Queen Victoria’s Children’s Milk Teeth On Display!

Kids absolutely love it when they lose teeth as it means they can put them under the pillow and wait for the Tooth Fairy to swap them for a bit of cash, but it might well be slightly bittersweet for parents as it means their little ones are growing up.

As such, it’s probably no surprise that so many parents decide to keep their children’s milk teeth as mementos of times gone by - and it seems that royalty is certainly no exception in this regard.

A new exhibition at Buckingham Palace is about to open, revealing just how much Queen Victoria loved her offspring, with all sorts of sentimental items going on display - including her children’s baby teeth!

According to the Daily Telegraph, it won’t just be teeth on display, however, and you will also be able to see pure white marble casts of the limbs of her infants to remind her of their curves and folds. You’ll be able to have a look at Prince Albert Edward’s arm and hand, as well as Victoria, Princess Royal’s, left foot, both of which have been carefully positioned on crimson velvet cushions.

In all, there were 14 marble hands and feet that the Queen collected, kept under glass domes to help preserve their whiteness… all of which might be food for thought if you love keeping your children’s baby teeth and want to up the ante a little in the future!

Co-curator of the exhibition Dr Amanda Foreman was quoted by the news source as saying: “What these objects show is what her words couldn't express which is this deep, fierce passionate love for her children, and for the recognition that childhood is so important - the thing that she felt she never had.”

When it comes to baby teeth, it might actually be a great idea to keep them if you can, since many healthcare professionals encourage this as they contain stem cells that could potentially be harvested and used to help if your child falls ill with certain diseases.

Or you could think outside the box a little and employ a company like Tooth Fairy Designs to turn your child’s teeth into jewellery, either for you to wear or for them to enjoy later on in life.

Don’t worry - they’re not molars attached to a gold chain… they’re actually quite tasteful, with the teeth turned into gemstones not unlike pearls and then secured in a precious metal setting.

Of course, once your children’s baby teeth have fallen out you need to make sure that they continue with the proper dental hygiene to ensure their adult teeth remain in good condition throughout their lives. For help and advice, get in touch with Guildford children’s dentist Austen Road Dental so we can make sure your children stay problem-free where their teeth are concerned for as long as possible.