Dental Emergencies Lead To Time Off Work For 40% Of Employees

A new survey has found that 40 per cent of workers in the UK have been forced to take time off work to have emergency dental work carried out in the past 12 months.

Cover Magazine highlighted the research conducted by SimplyHealth as part of its Consumer Oral Health Survey. The publication also noted that this time off equates to employees losing 7.5 hours of their working time to attend dental appointments.

What’s more, over half (55 per cent) admitted to taking time off work because they needed to get emergency dental treatment for their child. On average, these employees lost 7.1 hours of work as a result.

Worryingly, 27 per cent of the adults surveyed admitted that they don’t brush their teeth twice a day, as recommended by dentists.

Speaking to the news provider, director of corporate at SimplyHealth Pam Whelan commented: “Suffering with a dental emergency, such as toothache or a cracked tooth, can be incredibly painful and when employees are not feeling their best, they won’t be able to perform at their best at work.”

Ms Whelan urged employers to provide dental payment plans to help people meet the cost of emergency dental treatment.

Last month, the Oral Health Foundation warned of the dangers of using your teeth for tasks other than eating and drinking, noting that doing things like carrying items in your mouth or using your teeth to tear sellotape could damage your teeth and lead to painful problems.

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