Elle Macpherson Shows Damage Of Juicing Diet On Teeth

Supermodel Elle Macpherson has made a name for herself over the years for her clean-living, super healthy lifestyle, and one of the main reasons she attributes to staying in shape and looking far younger than her 54 years is her juicing diet.

However, the star recently revealed to her fans on Instagram Stories that blending fruit and vegetables in a healthy shake is having a negative impact on her oral care.

She posted a photo of herself in the dentist chair recently, telling her followers: “Because I juice a lot, my teeth need cleaning more often to get juice stains off.”

She then captioned the unflattering picture with: “January promise to self: Floss!!!!”

The supermodel-turned-actress and businesswoman has her own plant-based food supplement business called WelleCo, offering a variety of health products. Here, she has revealed she begins every morning with a juice drink of water with two heaped teaspoons of a lemon juice or green juice with vegetables.

However, while there is no denying she looks in great shape and most people would not be able to believe she is in her 50s, her teeth may be getting the brunt of her health kick.

Not only does juice discolour teeth, but an article in Cosmopolitan stated that the high fruit and vegetable content of juices can erode enamel.

Juices can soften the enamel due to their acidic content, and once the enamel has been lost, the damage cannot be reversed.

If you are worried whether smoothies and juices have damaged your teeth, get in touch with a dentist in Guildford today to get your smile checked out.