Doctor Stresses Importance Of Early Dental Care

We all know that we lose our milk teeth as we get older and that our adult teeth then come through. But many people make the mistake of thinking that milk teeth aren’t important, and therefore don’t encourage their children to take proper care of them.

Dr Clare Bailey recently wrote an article for the Daily Mail, which stressed the importance of taking good care of your teeth from a young age.

“Milk teeth are important because they hold the space for the permanent teeth to move into, so problems with these can affect the developing permanent teeth,” she explained.

For parents, that means getting children into good dental care routines early in their lives, as well as being careful about what they’re given to eat and drink. This also means taking children under the age of one to the dentist, which is important because it allows a dentist to monitor a child’s tooth development.

Brushing teeth as soon as they appear in a child’s mouth is important and it will get them used to the idea of having their teeth cleaned and eventually doing it themselves when they get older.

If you struggle to get your little one to brush their teeth, take a look at our tips on how to get your kids to clean their teeth properly. A great way to ensure they brush for long enough is to play one of their favourite songs to keep them interested and act as a timer.

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