Warning Issued Over DIY Braces

Dentists and orthodontists in the UK have warned people not to embrace the trend for DIY braces. A number of websites offering DIY braces have been criticised by dentists and the British Orthodontic Society (BOS).

In a statement, the BOS said that there are a host of websites offering DIY braces, with patients typically assessed based on a selfie-style photo.

The organisation stressed that this is a dangerous way to approach orthodontic treatment, noting that braces may not be necessary in some cases.

“A full clinical examination by a trained clinician is necessary to decide if orthodontic treatment is in the best interests of an individual,” the BOS asserted.

It added that braces aren’t the only option, and therefore patients need to make sure they’re aware of all the options open to them before deciding on a particular course of action.

The BOS also warned that incorrect use of DIY braces could cause permanent damage to teeth, which is why it’s so keen for young people to avoid the temptation of this trend.

Vice-chairman of the British Dental Association (BDA) Eddie Crouch recently told the Daily Mail that another concern is online video tutorials on YouTube showing people how to make their own braces.

One video shows people how to make a dental brace using clay and glue, for instance. Mr Crouch revealed that they have asked YouTube to remove the videos, and have criticised the platform for not acting on their concerns.

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