Scarlett Moffatt Reveals Veneers Helped Her Smile After Road Accident

Most celebrities who confess to having cosmetic procedures, whether it is Botox or dentist surgery in Guildford, admit they have chosen to change their looks for aesthetic reasons.

However, former Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt decided to fix her teeth after damaging them in a road accident when she was young.

The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! winner admitted she became self-conscious about her smile after falling off her bike as a child, leaving her with black teeth for 15 years. Therefore, she decided to opt for new veneers to give her a pearly white smile.

“Some of you might know when I was 11 I fell off my bike and smashed my front teeth, which left me with black teeth and the nerves had to come out,” she wrote on her Instagram page at the time of the procedure.

“I’ve had caps and crowns and all sorts, but I’ve never wanted to smile so much in my life,” the celebrity added.

The reality TV star from Bishop Auckland has also confessed to other cosmetic treatments in the past, recently admitting to having lip fillers as she was conscious “my top lip would disappear” when she smiled.

Since having veneers fitted in September 2017, she wanted to show off her bright smile but was unhappy with how thin her lips were at the time.

That is why she admitted to Now Magazine that she’s had lip fillers three times already, but she told fans “I won’t go mental with it”.

Looking after teeth is not just essential for an attractive smile, but according to artist David Hockney, it is the key to living longer.

Writing in the Financial Times recently, he stated washing his hands and cleaning his teeth thoroughly is the reason why he has managed to live 81 years despite being a smoker.