Gum Disease And High Blood Pressure Link Highlighted

It’s widely accepted that our oral health can have an impact on other elements of our physical health well beyond our mouths. But now a new study has indicated that gum disease can have a direct impact on how effective treatment for high blood pressure is.

The research conducted by the American Heart Association and published in the journal Hypertension, found that those with healthy gums respond better to blood pressure-lowering medication and often have a lower blood pressure than those with periodontitis.

According to Science Daily, which reported on the findings, those with gum disease are 20 per cent less likely to reach a healthy blood pressure range than those whose gums are in good condition.

The researchers also found that having periodontal disease affected the efficacy of blood pressure medication.

Speaking to Reuters Health, Dr Davide Pietropaoli from the San Salvatore Hospital, University of L’Aquila in Italy, said that this finding in particular was a surprise to researchers.

He added: “If our results are confirmed by dedicated trials, oral health could improve the treatment of hypertension, which is considered the most important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.”

If you’re concerned about your oral health, make an appointment with your Guildford dental practice to get checked out.

Of course there are other reasons to book regular dental appointments, not least of all that Dr Christine Myers, the incoming president of the HSE Dental Group, recently described dental decay as the most common human disease.

She also stressed that it’s vital for children to have regular check ups to ensure their oral health is taken care of, because there is a risk that a lack of good dental care can have a knock-on effect on other elements of their physical health.