Fluoridation Of Water ‘Best Way To Reduce Dental Decay’

Brits who want to achieve that pearly white smile might be a step closer to their goal if the government listens to the recommendation of a dental expert.

Professor Michael Lennon from the School of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Sheffield welcomed the green paper on prevention and put forward ideas on how the strategy can progress with regards to dental care.

The professor, who is a spokesman for the British Fluoridation Society, was quoted by Dentistry.co.uk as saying the key to oral health prevention is fluoridation of the water supplies.

He stated: “Fluoridation is a cost-effective measure which reduces dental decay, as highlighted in a ‘return on investment’ graphic produced by Public Health England.”

The green paper, announced by Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health, is focused on preventing illnesses, rather than providing a cure for them.

Among the priorities of the agenda are halving childhood obesity by 2030; boosting mental health services for new mothers during the first year post-partum; and diagnosing 75 per cent of cancers at stage one and two by 2028.

Mr Hancock stated as much as £97 billion is being spent in the UK on treating disease, while just £8 billion is budgeted for preventing them.

When it comes to improved oral health, professor Lennon believes the government, not local authorities, should be in charge of fluoridation of water; barriers to fluoridation of water should be removed and central government should both manage and fund it; and the NHS’s chief executive officer should encourage commissioning bodies to discuss the funding of fluoridation schemes with councils.

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