How To Look After Your Teeth During Pregnancy

All sorts of interesting things happen to your body while pregnant, but you might not think that having a baby could have any kind of impact on your teeth… but it seems that this isn’t actually the case, as Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon has just confirmed.

Writing for the Sun, the star explained that the secret behind her beaming Hollywood smile is in fact veneers and beneath them like “brown pegs” instead of teeth. She explained that at the start of her second pregnancy, she was actually seeing the dentist more than her midwife and had to endure “problem after problem”.

So what can you do to help protect your teeth while pregnant or do you just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best? According to the NHS, some women experience swollen and sore gums that may bleed during pregnancy, with hormonal changes making your gums more vulnerable to plaque.

The best way to prevent gum problems is to practice good oral hygiene so go to the dentist regularly for cleaning and check-ups. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes using a good fluoride toothpaste. Choose a small-headed brush with soft bristles so you don’t irritate or hurt your gums and try not to brush too hard.

Steer clear of sugary food and drink, and try to snack on vegetables if you find yourself peckish between meals. After you’ve eaten anything sugary, wait at least half an hour before brushing as your teeth may well be softer than usual after food because of acid from your stomach.

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