3 Dental Apps To Try Today

Who doesn’t want a healthy mouth and a beautiful Hollywood smile? But the nature of the lives we lead these days means that all too often our teeth and gums can take a bit of a battering, whether that’s because we forget to floss, only brush our teeth once a day or because we eat a lot of acidic, sugary food.

But thanks to technology, we can make it easier to ensure we prioritise our oral health – and your Guildford dentist is sure to be happy that you’re doing all you can to keep your teeth in tiptop condition. Here are a few dental apps you might want to try out today.

Brush DJ
This fun little app plays your favourite tunes from your music library to give you a soundtrack to brush your teeth to. It’s good for all ages so will get your kids into brushing properly as well, and you can also set reminders for getting a new toothbrush and making dental appointments.

Dental Phobia
Being afraid of the dentist is by no means uncommon and if you find you dread your appointments, this app could prove to be the answer to your prayers. It gives you all sorts of information on different treatments and options, as well as FAQs and coping strategies to help you keep calm in the dentist’s chair.

This app helps to make brushing interactive, translating each brushing movement into gameplay so that kids who perhaps aren’t always that interested in cleaning their teeth can control the games as they brush.