A Quick Guide To Bruxism & Stress

If you’ve been feeling a bit more stressed out or anxious than usual, you might want to book an appointment with your Guildford dental practice as it’s possible that you could be damaging your teeth as a result.

Some people with serious symptoms of stress and anxiety can find that their teeth wear down over time because they’re busy clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth – often without even noticing it.

Known as bruxism, teeth grinding is something that can affect anyone at any time. It can happen during periods of intense stress, while you’re concentrating or even while you’re asleep, so it’s certainly worth trying to address why you’re grinding your teeth to help stop you from doing it in the future.

It might be that you’ve been experiencing facial pain, earache, headaches or stiffness and pain in your jaw joint and the surrounding muscles. This could mean that you have been grinding your teeth – so check in the mirror to see if you have any worn-down teeth. This can make your teeth or sensitive and even lead to tooth loss so it’s definitely important that you go and make a dentist appointment sooner rather than later.

It’s possible that you may need dental treatment if you have worn your teeth down because of grinding. Without this, you could find yourself struck down with a dental abscess or infection.

There are ways in which you can treat bruxism, whether you decide you would want to use a mouth guard or splint or try out some exercises to help you relax your muscles. Finding out why you’re feeling stressed could also help as you may need to address the underlying causes of this to stop yourself from grinding your teeth.